Panamericana Road : the new day

Panamericana road cm 70 x cm 50

On The Panamericana Road, the new day is my paint to vote in the Saatchi Contest The Glorious Colour, you can do it at the link :

You have to open an account with saatchi  with an emali and pwd but is just obtain good votes and not spam.

Thank you!


About the passion


The Passion is fundamental, it’s the conjunction ring between us and the Essence.



Soul Profiles , oil on wood





….. boundless earths, wondering with my liberty ` I pick up emotions, essences of situations.

The great landscape, the horizon that changes, the thin line that divides sky and earth, almost a metaphor of the human being: his nature, his aspirations and his walk. A walk done of cheerful and painful experiences, of attended and of rushes: the great dark color and the sweet lights, the contemplative atmosphere of a nocturne..


Autumn symphony cm 50 x 50 acrylics on canvas