Panamericana Road : the new day

Panamericana road cm 70 x cm 50

On The Panamericana Road, the new day is my paint to vote in the Saatchi Contest The Glorious Colour, you can do it at the link :

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The Life and the Paint

Have a correlated vision to this reality being out as a good involved observer of it is not a simple thing.
Each of us is absorbed in the proper space in a  small one in a part of society, everything is very binding and the spaces of communication grow thin, it is this the reason that it  forces us to make them (the spaces / instruments  of communication) more effective possible.
A society structured as that  westerner one continues to have  inside it strong emotional pushes and all we are happy with this ( our heart beats ) .
it is from here that those personal opportunities  borns to be able to interpret that is the reality in a turned and so in a positive way toward the community.
A language of communication is a tool, the ability of the communicator makes it useful toward the community.
What of forehead are to a Marvelous Nature or that  the instant that I lives or one of the feelings typical of the bio-entities  to turn on our intimate,  well always of place ( or landscape ) he treats, of a contemporary place-landscape  surely and for my choice abstract, reduced to the essence.

landscape #24  40 x 40 cm 400euro

Black , acrylic on canvas



….. boundless earths, wondering with my liberty ` I pick up emotions, essences of situations.

The great landscape, the horizon that changes, the thin line that divides sky and earth, almost a metaphor of the human being: his nature, his aspirations and his walk. A walk done of cheerful and painful experiences, of attended and of rushes: the great dark color and the sweet lights, the contemplative atmosphere of a nocturne..


Autumn symphony cm 50 x 50 acrylics on canvas